How Do You Save Money by Reinvesting Dividends?

Dividend investing is different from share value investing. If your investing strategy is to “buy low, sell high” then you pay less attention to when or how often a company pays dividends to its shareholders. Value investing treats the stocks or mutual funds as commodities to be traded and your

Has the Internet Killed the Software Millionaire?

Do you remember the Video Professor?  It’s a company that sells “how to” videos that teach people how to use the Internet and lots of different software.  I never tried the service myself although I have heard they got into trouble with customers over billing.  The Video Professor may be the last

Quick Roundup of Coupon Ideas for the Home

Since I cannot think of anything else to write about I thought I would mention some coupon articles and Websites.  You may have heard some of these ideas before but I think they are worth mentioning again. I am not the greatest fan of coupons you will ever meet.  I

How to Save Money on Road Trips

We live in the age of easy, simple travel. Only a few hundred years ago most people never traveled more than 25 miles from their homes. But in the 21st century more than a third of the world’s population commutes to work or school, drives across large cities to shop,

How to Balance Your Household Budget

Let’s talk about balancing a household budget where the household income is less than what you need to pay your bills.  So I am going to assume that the income is about 20% less than the expected outlays.  Just to make the math simple let’s use a round number of