How to Get Rid of Your Telephone Company

The Bell Telephone Company was founded in 1877, following on Alexander Graham Bell’s successful patenting of the electric telephone system. Thanks to the miracle of telephony, people around the world were finally able to communicate with each other instantly. Telephone systems led to other technologies, including the transmission of photographs

How to Save Money on Upscale Clothing

If you like to buy designer clothing but don’t have the money to buy much at the major department stores, there are three ways you can save money and still buy the clothing you want.  I’ll start with the least desirable method. Shop at Thrift Stores You might as well

How to Save Money on Bank Fees

The US banking industry increased the fees it charges for almost everything a few years ago when the Obama administration got new banking laws changed.  If you have noticed that you pay more for your banking services, now you know why.  Here are a few lessons I have learned along

How to Save on Electricity During the Summer

If your home is anything like mine in the summer you keep the air conditioner running constantly and your electricity bill is probably shooting through the roof. I have looked at some of the traditional tips for saving money on electricity and they all boil down to one thing: turn

Be Careful about New Trend in Trading Options Strategies

Despite some typos an interesting story appeared on Bloomberg recently.  They reported that investors are starting to follow “the smart money” by watching for unusual movement in futures trading options. If you are not well-versed in trading options you should study the basic concepts carefully and do a little research

How Warren Buffett Trades in Options

If you’re confused about options, I am not surprised. In the stock market the word “options” is used in two ways. There are the “employee stock options” that are used to compensate executives and other company employees, and there are “options contracts” that set fixed prices at which stocks will

How to Use a Credit Card to Consolidate Bill Payments

Credit cards have a really bad reputation among consumer finance specialists.  They typically advise you to only use your credit cards for emergencies and to pay them off as quickly as possible. And that is really a great strategy for using credit cards, especially if they have no annual fees.