Quick Roundup of Coupon Ideas for the Home

Since I cannot think of anything else to write about I thought I would mention some coupon articles and Websites.  You may have heard some of these ideas before but I think they are worth mentioning again.

A picture of a hand clipping coupons.
Clipping coupons may seem like work but some people save a lot of money this way.

I am not the greatest fan of coupons you will ever meet.  I have had some bad experiences with coupons.  So I say this with all sincerity that I am glad someone else stops to ask if saving money with coupons is worth the time and trouble.  The truth is that the answer is different for each of us.

Some people take couponing so seriously they break the law and get arrested.  I don’t care how much money you think you can save, I would never recommend doing that.

If you’re just starting out with coupons you need to take it easy and learn the basic steps as you go along.  It takes practice to save money no matter how you do it.  You are going to make mistakes along the way.

So I recommend reading articles like 3 Great Tips for Saving Money with Coupons.  There are savings to be made but you may not find those savings every day.  That’s important to remember.  You are not a failure just because you didn’t have a coupon to save money today.

Keeping a cool head is important in any money management strategy.  Something will always go wrong, or the unexpected happens when you can least afford for it to.  You might save $15 on groceries and the dog rips into them before you can put them away.

That is why I recommend treating the whole coupon craze with some skepticism.  Keep your feet on the ground.  I like this article that says playing with coupons is a lot like gambling.  The comparison is very apt.  You just never know what you will get or what you will find at the grocery store.

And I don’t believe those extreme couponing shows are being very honest about how much money the average person is going to save with coupons.  I have seen forum discussions where people say that after watching the extreme couponing people save hundreds of dollars on groceries they try to use coupons and the grocery stores won’t take them.  That is hardly fair.

Your best bet is to find good resources for things like drink coupons and use those to stock up on beverages and foods you can buy in bulk and store over a long time.

Another great tip is to look for coupons for movies and movie tickets.  If you can buy your movie tickets at a discount and save them for a special day then you’ll save money over time.  Never pay full price for a movie again if you can avoid doing so.

We don’t need to be super savers to enjoy the savings afforded by coupons.  I think it’s enough to get into the habit of saving money and using coupons when they are available and a good match for what we need to buy.