How to Balance Your Household Budget

Let’s talk about balancing a household budget where the household income is less than what you need to pay your bills.  So I am going to assume that the income is about 20% less than the expected outlays.  Just to make the math simple let’s use a round number of

How to Use a Credit Card to Consolidate Bill Payments

Credit cards have a really bad reputation among consumer finance specialists.  They typically advise you to only use your credit cards for emergencies and to pay them off as quickly as possible. And that is really a great strategy for using credit cards, especially if they have no annual fees.

How to Start a Small Business Without Credit

There are four ways to start a small business, especially one you run out of your home. You can invest your savings You can borrow money You can seek investors You can negotiate payments in advance Most people don’t have much in savings or good enough credit to qualify for