How to Save Money on Bank Fees

The US banking industry increased the fees it charges for almost everything a few years ago when the Obama administration got new banking laws changed.  If you have noticed that you pay more for your banking services, now you know why.  Here are a few lessons I have learned along

How to Save Money on Mother’s Day

Family-oriented holidays always cost money.  You are expected to show your love by spending money on those you love. And while a sincere expression of sentiment is well-deserved, we want to curtail the financial excess of the businesses that gouge consumers over these special occasions. After all, some holidays were

A Simple Method for Saving Money

How often do you look at your grocery receipts and congratulate yourself for saving money? Grocers today have figured out that by bundling savings deals into their prices they earn goodwill from consumers. Naturally, many grocers now tell you how much “you saved today” or “you could have saved today”